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Waist Width, Turning Radius, Camber, Rocker, Woodcore, Composite core, Flat mount, track system, on-piste, off piste, twin tip, freeride, racing. 

There is a lot to take into account when picking your next ski. Stop by and we can help you select your next dream skis

Rossignol Experience 76CI W
The perfect women's all-mountain ski on every side of the resort, the EXPERIENCE 76 Ci W blends on-trail and freeride profiles for fun, playful performance in any snow conditions. Our all-terrain rocker profile and extended sidecut blend with new Air Tip VAS and LCT construction to deliver easy, comfortable all-mountain performance with confident steering and effortless speed control.
Rossignol Experience 80CI
Shaped for performance, designed for freedom. Featuring the perfect blend of on-trail and freeride profiles, the all-new EXPERIENCE 80 Ci offers confident steering in all snow conditions with effortless carving and speed control on demand. Air Tip VAS and our new LCT construction combine for solid snow contact and control, delivering immediate response for incredible all-mountain performance. SIDECUTS DIMENSIONS 123-80-113 MM RADIUS 15M
Rossignol Experience 80CI W
Shaped for performance, designed for freedom. Featuring the perfect blend of on-trail and freeride profiles, the all-new women's EXPERIENCE 80 Ci W offers confident steering in all snow conditions with effortless carving and speed control on demand. Air Tip VAS and our new LCT construction combine for solid snow contact and control, delivering immediate response for incredible all-mountain performance.
Rossignol Experience 84A1
Experience another best day, every day, in any snow conditions. The all-new EXPERIENCE 84 Ai is the perfect all-mountain ski whether carving perfect groomers or exploring mixed snow and terrain. Our race-developed LCT combines with new Air Tip VAS for the best snow contact and line control, while the freeride-inspired profile allows you to drift and release turns with ease. SIDECUTS DIMENSIONS 126-84-116 MM RADIUS 15M
Rossignol Experience Pro JR
Developed to make both learning to ski easier, more comfortable, and more fun, the EXPERIENCE PRO helps even the smallest skiers accelerate to the next level. Featuring a specifically designed junior flex and rocker profile, the EXPERIENCE PRO allows juniors to use changing terrain to their advantage to easily pivot, steer, and stop for easy and intuitive fun.
Rossignol Frozen
Let it go, let it go!; the all-new FROZEN junior ski makes learning to ski easier and more fun for your favorite little princess. A specifically designed junior rocker profile allows juniors to use changing terrain to their advantage and easily pivot, steer, and stop, making learning to ski a more intuitive process so progression comes more naturally.
Rossignol SKY 7 HD
The ultimate fusion of lightweight agility and freeride versatility, the all-new SKY 7 HD offers uncompromising free-touring performance. Whether skiing the resort or backcountry touring, the 98mm waist combined with new Air Tip 2.0 and Carbon Alloy Matrix provides a progressive, lightweight blend of stability, floatation, and edge grip to go wherever the snow takes you.
Rossignol Smash 7
The all-new SMASH 7 is the all-mountain powder ski for progressing freeriders. Delivering the 7 Series' award-winning blend of versatility and float, the SMASH 7 features an accessible, lightweight construction for enhanced agility and Rossignol's exclusive Powder Turn Rocker profile for effortless freeride performance.
Line Skis Blend
The team favorite LINE Blend ski is back in town like the boys. The best ski for butters, presses and making the entire mountain your terrain park. A stable 100mm waist paired with signature ButterZones™ in the tip and tail, the Blend continues to offer unmatched all-mountain, freestyle performance. Bend them, flex them, whatever you like: the Blend is the perfect balance of progression and creativity.
Line Skis Honey Badger
The LINE Honey Badger eats cobras and tackles whatever you put in front of it. A go-to ski for LINE pro Khai Krepela, featuring an Aspen Veneer™ core the Honey Badger is impressively lightweight, yet still extremely durable. This is the best ski for park, freestyle, and jibbing all over the mountain. Handrails, bonks, hard landings, the Honey Badger doesn’t care. It can take it all and it won’t break your bank in the process.
Line Skis Honey Badger
Growlin' around the park and the streets, the LINE Honey Badger Skis hold nothing back. The Honey Badger will tackle whatever you put in front of it. Featuring a new Aspen Veneer™ Core that skis better and lasts longer than the previous iteration, the Honey Badger ain't here to mess around. Sizes: 155, 166, 172, 177 Dimensions: 120-92-116 Weight: 1660 g Side Cut: 19.5 Avg. m Stance: -30 mm Core Construction: aspen-veneer Features: 5-Cut™ Geometry Symmetric Flex™ Early Rise™ 4D Fibercap™ Construction
Line Skis Pandora 84
The LINE Pandora 84 represents the hardpack charger. Because not every day is a pow day. Heck, most days aren’t. Most days, you just want to go out and arc some turns with your friends. This is the best ski for women who want to ski the entire mountain. Square up on the Pandora 84 – the intuitive, easy skiing hardpack specialist – and let those skis run down the fall line.
Line Skis Ruckus
Brand new this year, the LINE Ruckus is here for the next generation of ripper park rats. Simply put, the Ruckus is a full-on, heavy-duty park ski designed for smaller shredders in need of a shorter ski. This is the best ski for new park skiers or shorter riders looking to get better at freestyle. Featuring an Aspen Veneer core and Symmetric Flex, you’re sure to cause a Ruckus all over the mountain with this all-new ski.
Line Skis Sakana
Experience the ski that everyone is talking about. Offering a new 166 cm size, the Ski Of The Year from Powder Magazine proved the ski world is hungry for new shapes and product inspiration. The LINE Sakana is a versatile all-mountain ski like no other on the market. With a 105mm waist and signature swallowtail design, the Sakana offers unmatched carving abilities paired with deep snow float. This is the best ski for all-mountain carving, slashing and just generally having a great time. Grab yourself a pair of Sakana’s and start drawing your own lines down the mountain.
Line Skis Sick Day 88
Designed for the skier who loves to spend his day on piste, the LINE Sick Day 88 allows for fast edge-to-edge maneuverability and maintains a light, stable, and playful feel. Featuring an Aspenlite™ Core, you can carve turns all day long and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it.
Line Skis Sick Day 94
With unmatched edge hold and a lightweight feel, the LINE Sick Day 94 is the ideal resort ski. Rallying groomers or shredding steep terrain, the Sick Day 94 will give you the stability and control that you need. The Sick Day is the best ski for everything if you are a skier who is constantly in changing terrain these tools on your feet will navigate you through the crud, chop, powder with a smile on your face. Magic Finger Carbon Filaments and an Aspenlite™ Core work together to make sure you’re leaving your friends in the dust all over the mountain.
Line Skis Supernatural 86
Rally hard, grip and rip, and blast past all your friends skittering around on their oversized powder skis when it hasn't snowed in weeks. Featuring the beefy Metal Matrix™, Maple Macroblock™ Core, and full-length sidewalls, the LINE Supernatural 86 Skis are designed to remind you just how fun hardpack can be. Sizes: 165, 172, 179 Dimensions: 125-86-112 Weight: 1870 g Side Cut: 17.7 Avg. m Stance: -79 mm Core Construction: Maple Macroblock Features: Metal Matrix™ Directional Flex™ Thin Tip™ Maple Macroblock™ 5-Cut™ Geometry
Line Skis Supernatural 92
While you wait for the reset, saddle up and charge on the damp and planted Supernatural 92 – an all-mountain freeride ski reinforced with the trusted Metal Matrix™ Technology. When it's time for fast laps kicking up moon dust, the LINE Supernatural 92 Skis hold strong and engage for high speed brapping no matter what. Sizes: 165, 172, 179, 186 Dimensions: 131-92-118 Weight: 1950 g Side Cut: 17.7 Avg. m Stance: -79 mm Core Construction: Maple Macroblock Features: Metal Matrix™ Directional Flex™ Thin Tip™ Maple Macroblock™ 5-Cut™ Geometry
Line Skis TW Shorty
With the same technology as it’s big brother, the Tom Wallisch Pro, the LINE Tom Wallisch Shorty is the best ski for any young gun skier wanting to get into the park and freestyle. Available in a system ski or flat if you'd like to choose your own binding. Lightweight, durable, and oh so poppy, the Wallisch Shorty is designed to take your skiing to the next level so you can become the next Tom Wallisch.
Line Skis Tom Wallisch
Tom Wallisch has been pushing the forefront of park and street skiing for over a decade now. Whether he's stepping to urban quad kinks late in the night or maching into perfectly sculpted park jumps, Tom is clicking into the LINE Tom Wallisch Pro Skis. With a quick swingweight, bomber construction, and snappy feel, the Tom Wallisch Pro sacrifices nothing and can hang – no matter what feature you throw at it. Sizes: 157, 164, 171, 178 Dimensions: 117-90-112 Weight: 1802 g Side Cut: 20 Avg. m Stance: -30 mm Core Construction: Maple Macroblock Features: Capwall™ Carbon Ollieband 5-Cut™ Geometry Early Rise™ Early Taper™ Maple Macroblock™ Symmetric Flex™
Line Skis Tom Wallisch Pro
The legendary X Games champion Tom Wallisch’s signature ski is back for another year with a low swing weight, durable construction, and a snappy feel. The LINE Tom Wallisch Pro answers the call for the park ski that can get as nasty as ole Tom can. This is the best ski for park developed by the best skier in the park. Big jumps, quad kinks, or just hot laps through the park, the Tom Wallisch Pro can perform through it all with a style that’ll blow up the internet.
Line Skis Wallisch Shorty
With all the tech of its big brother, the LINE Tom Wallisch Shorty packs a punch in a pint-sized package. Featuring the same lightweight, bomber feel of the TW Pro, the TW Shorty Skis provide the high-end performance needed for the next Superunknown superstar-in-training. Sizes: 119, 129, 139, 149 Dimensions: 97-72-93 Weight: 930 g Side Cut: 12 Avg. m Stance: 0 mm Core Construction: Aspen Macroblock Features: 5-Cut™ Geometry Symmetric Flex™ Fatty Base and Edge Aspenlite™ 4D Fibercap™ Construction
K2 Anthem 72 ti
The ultimate dream machine for high speed railing, the Anthem 72Ti HS is the medium turn freak designed to roll ‘em over and pull into the turn strong. These piste performance skis come equipped with Bio Konic Carbon™, Correct Flex™ Inserts, and a stout layer of metal. That’s a lot of jargon to say one things: The K2 Anthem 72ti HS Skis are built to rail.
K2 Anthem 75
With an easy turn shape, massive sweet spot and the Stance Forward™ Technology, the Anthem 75 Skis provide a stable platform on the road to all-mountain skills that push beyond the bunny-hill.
K2 Anthem 76x
Featuring K2’s BioKonic™ Core and a Correct Flex™ Insert, the Anthem 76x Skis are all-mountain skis meant to take you there. Where might that be? To the steep groomers at the top of the mountain all the way down through the afternoon crud and back again. And thanks to the Catch-Free Rocker profile, the Anthem 76x will keep you cruising and stable when things get dicey.
K2 Anthem 82
With Stance Forward Geometry, Correct Flex Inserts, and the performance-driven Speed Rocker, the K2 Anthem 82 Skis are the all-mountain chargers for the adventurous skier. If you’re a free-wheelin’, all-mountain charger looking for a ski to tackle the morning ice and afternoon slush, this nimble, quick turning ski will offer the stability you’ll need.
K2 Dream Weaver
Your little one hits every single side hit and jump in sight. She might even look up to the older girls ripping park laps and putting the boys to shame. If you’re little one is desperate to learn 180s, slash sidehits, and jib around, snag her a pair of the K2 Dreamweaver Skis. With a durable cap construction and full wood core, she’ll be able to develop the skills to be in podium contention sooner than you might think.
K2 Dreamweaver
It started with that one flat box in the terrain park. Next thing you knew, your grom was queuing up for first chair and spinning 360's just like their favorite pro. Make sure the quality of their equipment matches their enthusiasm for the sport by getting them on K2's Dreamweaver, a grom sized twin tip with an all wood core and bomber cap construction. Big ski dreams deserve big ski quality. Sizes: 109, 119, 129, 139, 149 Rocker Type: All-Terrain Rocker Core Construction: Aspen Core Weight: 960g/Ski @ 139cm Features: Full Wood Core Full Height Twin Tip
K2 First Luv 75
When you're ready to ditch the rental gear and get down to business on the slopes, the First Luv provides the durability and performance needed to take your skiing to the next level. K2's Catch Free Rocker profile makes turn initiation and release a breeze. BIOkonic Technology The K2 Alliance has always been at the forefront of developing the most badass women's specific skis and we've done it again with our latest collection incorporating the all-new BIOkonic Technology. The goal for the Alliance was the create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size; delivering the appropriate balance of performance attributes while maintaining accessibility for a wide group of skiers. Our Alliance and R&D crew have taken a Women’s First Design approach to the development of BIOkonic technology. The concept is simple, taking the BIOlogical approach to how women ski. It doesn’t mean just taking a men’s ski and moving the mounting point forward; it’s a holistic approach to the overall design of the ski, matching the shape, flex profile and material distribution to the needs of female skiers. Moreover, BIOkonic technology allows us to optimize these attributes throughout all sizes of each model, ensuring that all women can benefit from BIOkonic. We are taking it back to basics and delivering on what women want; an energetic and consistent feel coupled with performance and precision to ensure the ultimate skiing experience. BioKonic Core The optimization of materials and flex profile, placing heavier, dense materials over the edges of the ski where they have the most impact on performance, while guaranteeing optimized flex on every size from smallest to longest. Cap Construction A molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials within the top layer of the ski. Cap skis are generally lighter weight and more forgiving.
K2 Ikonic 80ti
Putting other system skis to shame, the K2 iKonic 80Ti packs in the tech to create a one-of-a-kind precise and controlled feel that'll have you tuning those edges and waxing your bases late into the night in anticipation for the next day's turns. Titanal Konic laminate and a reinforced Carbon SpYne deliver the extra "oomph" you need to keep the skis glued to the snow for maximum control. Sizes: 156, 163, 170, 177, 184 Rocker Type: Speed Rocker Core Construction: Aspen-Paulownia-Konic Weight: 1890g/Ski @ 177cm Features: Exo-Konic Tech Metal Laminate Carbon SpYne Twintech Sidewalls TECHNOLOGY Metal Laminate Construction A metal laminate construction, denoted with “Ti” in the name, uses a sheet of Titanal above and below the core to give the ski a damp, precise and accurate feel. TwinTech Sidewalls A durable sidewall construction originally developed for twin tip skis that makes the top edges more resistant to ski vs. ski impact damage.
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