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COVID-19 Update

First of all we would like to thank our community for all the support we have received over these tough times. We also want to thank our hard working staff for learning how to navigate through, and still conduct themselves in a professional manor, during a pandemic. Words cannot describe our gratitude.

Some restrictions have been lifted and we will change our business operations, slightly, as a result. 

-To allow our staff to constantly sanitize anything a customer would come in contact with; we will only allow up to 3 customers at a time into our store. 

-There will be a small area where our customers will be restricted to. Our staff will bring over the items you would be searching for. 

-There will be a small area to try on shoes, and our change rooms will be accessible for customers to try on clothing. -Weather permitting; trying out bikes will resume. 

-After each exposure to someone other than our staff; bikes will be wiped with disinfecting wipes. Clothing, Shoes, Helmets, Gloves will all be steamed before being put back on the shelves. 

-Masks are MANDATORY for both staff and customers as per our local public health office.

- Our hours will remain reduced to limit our staff’s exposure, as well as to assist our staff members with young children, and limited options for child care.

We thank you for you understanding during this time. We have served this community for the last 27 years. We have no intention of stopping now. We ask you to do what we intend to; take a deep breath, be thankful for what you have, hug those who you can and if the weather and restrictions allow it, ride your bike. Stay healthy. Stay home if you’re sick. We thank you for your continued support. We will get through this together.

Long Weekends

We close at 2pm on the Saturday of every long weekend.

This allows us to use the equipment we love to sell.

We Apologize for any inconveniences.