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COVID-19 Practices and Procedures

So what will a typical shopping experience at Paramount Skis Bikes Boards look like? Here is brief synopsis:

During a period where we are allowed to offer "in-store" shopping.

  • You will enter through our front door as normal (as long as the Government Guidelines allow).
  • At this point you will enter into our Main Hub. This will be a small sectioned off area at the front of the store. In our Main Hub you will be able to drop off and pick up service work, online orders will be picked up here, and our cash desk will be located here. Finally this area will be used as a staging area.
  • From our main hub we will have 4 fit stations setup in different areas throughout our store. One of our knowledgeable staff will ask a couple quick questions and will bring you to the station that makes the most sense. Once you make it to one of our fit stations you will stay there for the rest of your shopping experience. At this point we will cater your shopping experience to your wants and needs. This way you can sit back, relax, and find everything you were looking for all while staying safe and practicing social distancing.

Why do we plan to do it this way? 

First off we saw first hand how often things can change. We wanted to offer a conservative approach so that we would deliver the safest possible experience. 

By limiting your shopping experience to one area and by bringing you the items, we overcome our store's layout and lack of aisles. This way you find everything that you are looking for, keep the flow of traffic moving and practicing social distancing all at the same time.

Finally we feel like this curated experience will be the best shopping experience we can offer.

What you can expect from us?

  • Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff,
  • A clean environment with Increased Cleaning Schedules,
  • Multiple hand sanitizing stations
  • Quality Products,
  • Ability to shop on-line
  • Curbside pick up (if needed)
  • Prompt service work
  • The ability to easily practice social distancing 
  • Augmented fitting experience to practice social distancing (In our new experience we will not be as hands on/close to the person being fitted)
  • The best possible experience that we can offer, with the current situation and restrictions.

What we expect from our customers?

  • Patience (this is still new for everyone and there will be bottlenecks)
  • A mask will be mandatory inside our store (regardless of what our local protocol is)
  • A general knowledge of your typical size
  • A pair of socks to try on footwear (we will have some for purchase but we will not be supplying “try-on” socks)
  • Preferably you would visit us in smaller groups. (our fit stations will be ideally setup for groups of 2 or 3) We will be able to cater to a group of 4 but that would only be during a non-peak time. Groups larger than 3 might have to be split up to accommodate.
  • That once you are at one of our Fit Stations that you stay there until it’s time to Pay/Leave

Long Weekends

We close at 2pm on the Saturday of every long weekend.

This allows us to use the equipment we love to sell.

We Apologize for any inconveniences.